Paloma Etienne

Paloma Etienne is a multifaceted artist whose work sits at the intersection of art, technology and social consciousness. She advocates for the integration of diverse communities in Web 3, AI, machine learning and blockchain technology.

Born in Madrid to a Haitian father and Spanish mother, she studied film and fine arts at Central Saint Martins School of Art, and Afro-descendant culture at Middlesex University, both in London. She furthered her artistic training in the department of Africana Studies at California State University (Sacramento, USA). As a filmmaker and visual artist, she has created a series of short auteur films that explore her Afro-descendant identitary imaginary and sexual dissidence, with poetic prose in highly symbolic images. Her latest work, Ashé, el Amor en el Recuerdo, is the beginning of a series of works aimed at exploring and expressing emotions related to loss and grief. Paloma is committed to creating works that render mental health visible, thus fostering social and cultural dialogue on this topic. 

She strongly believes in the power of Web 3 and AI technologies to empower diverse, racialized and LGTBIQ+ communities. Through DAO ASHÉ – a decentralized community she founded in 2022 – she works to create partnerships, training and curation by offering artists and activists the opportunity to pioneer innovation.

She is part of the art collective Intersticios curated by La Parcería and Espacio Afro in Madrid, where she will show her work this fall in the group exhibition Todo lo Demás, an approach to contemporary art spaces in Madrid.