Freedom, money, a story of CFA franc (L’argent, la liberté, une histoire du Franc CFA),


05.10 – 19:00

Senegal/France/Belgium/Germany, 2022
Documentary, 100
French and VOSE

Director: Katy Lena Ndiaye 

Screenplay: Katy Lena Ndiaye 

Narration: Carole Karemera, Nafissatou Tine 

Cinematography: Vincent Pinckaers (C) 

Sound: Ousmane Coly, Lucas Rollin, Romain Cadilhac, Abderrazak Amouzoune 

Editing: Simon Arazi 

Music: Irina Prieto 

Producers: Indigomood Films, Tact Productions, Neon Rouge, Film Five 



The year 1960 marked the end of empires on the African continent.

France disappeared from the map, leaving behind the CFA Franc, a colonial creation, which is the name of the currency that still circulates in almost all its former territories south of the Sahara.

Why have these states regaining their independence never denounced this strange legacy?

The surprise announcement in December 2019 of the end of the CFA Franc, replaced by the ECO, marks a turning point in the eventful and little-known history of this currency, now at the center of all attentions and polemics.