Tarik El Idrissi


Born in 1978 in Al-Hoceima, Morocco, Tarik completed Film studies at the Metropolis School in Madrid.

He has won numerous national and international awards, and his filmography is composed of 3 documentaries, 1 feature film, 1 TV movie and 2 TV series, as well as 30 corporate films.

Sound of Berberia, the opening film of AFRIKALDIA 2023 (Spain premiere), is his latest documentary to date.


2007 Arrhash; medium-length documentary
2014 Rif 58-59: Briser le Silence; documentary
2017 Le voyage de Khadija; documentary
2019 Wapa n`Arif; tv movie
2020 Maghrido; tv series (fiction)
2021 Tibratin n´Marzok; tv series (fiction)
2023 Sound of Berberia; documentary


Despite all the researches that can be done on the subject, identity remains an ambiguous term. It is a continuous and constant struggle within ourselves, our own internal borders, our contradictions. 

SOUND OF BERBERIA is a cinematographic project about two musicians who cross North Africa in search of the real Amazigh sound. A reflection on borders, both physical and imaginary, sometimes they get close, sometimes distant and sometimes they cross.  

I had to write a fictional script of a trip, or rather a dream that I was never able to realize. In 2003, when I was a film student in Madrid, I wanted to take my camera accompanied by my cousin Kino and his guitar and travel through North Africa in search of the Amazigh sound, but armed conflicts prevented us to realize this dream.