Armando Buika

He was born and raised in Palma de Mallorca and he is Equato Guinean origin.  Son of exiled politician and former minister of culture Juan Balboa, brother of singer Buika, former mayor of politician Guillem Balboa Buika, mayor of Alaró and coordinator of MÉS par Mallorca and first cousin of actor Boré  Buika.

He studied psychology and philosophy, a master’s degree in international relations and an ISO-certified master’s degree in non-verbal communication.  Sometime later, he discovered interpretation, a space in which, like a chameleon, he could become other people and interpret other lives.

Sometime later, he moved to Milan and London where he paraded for the best designers in fashion while continuing to prepare for acting.  During all this time he navigated between the world of interpretation and advertising convinced of the need for changes to generate more opportunities.  Thus, from this need for change was born the association “The black sight” whose mission is to make visible and create more job opportunities in Spain.