Arantza Ibarra Basañe

Arantza Ibarra Basáñez, born in Ondárroa (Biscay) she is a filmmaker, writer, screenwriter, musician, professional Trans personal and creative coach.  All her professional career, she has done it in the world of advertising as a creator and art director, making different types of commercials. 

She has directed two feature films and several short films, some of which are always present to raise awareness in society or defend human rights.  Through the first feature film “Los Castigadores” (Zigortzaileak) deals with the theme of “bullying” in different schools and through the last documentary short film, which has numerous awards in the world “My little big samurai“, talks about the subject  of transsexuality. 

Besides being a filmmaker, she has also written and drawn several stories that have been published by different publishers and has currently written several books for a more mature audience on personal growth and spiritual development.

In the world of television, she has also participated as a critic and film professional in the program Azpimarra of the EITB, on the local television “Xaloa Telebista” of Navarre and also as a host in a program of satirical humour entitled “Sudurgorri“.