Passengers over the Bridge

mariettE monpierre

04.10 – 17:30


Guadeloupe, 2019
Documentary, 52’
French and Antillean Creole

Director: Mariette Monpierre  

Screenplay: Mariette Monpierre  

Cinematography and sound: Andre Risal (C) 

Editing: Mariette Monpierre 

Mixing: Thierry Thopart 

Music: Jonathan Dansicare 

Drone: Theo Demanez 

Calibration: Niels Gispalou 

Cast: Jeremy Watt (MadTowz), Patrice Seguin (Beach Hotel), Véronique Legris (Club du Tourisme), Les jeunes from Sandy-Ground neighborhood   

Producers: 360 Productions FWI & Riddim


An island: Saint Martin, a town: Marigot.

Two quarters separated by a bridge. On one side, opulence and 4-star hotels, on the other, a modest and mainly black population of Saint-Martin residents.

A cyclone will upset the fragile balance of this island and wipe the slate clean.

Sweep everything away and give its inhabitants hope for a new deal. Faced with this adversity, two men make a promise to each other.

To help each other out.