African Moot


03.10 – 17:00


South Africa/Finland, 2022
Documentary, 85’
English, VOSE.

Director: Shameela Seedat

Screenplay: Shameela Seedat  

Cinematography: Tareq Abouamin, Moses Bwayo, Michael Carter, Bert Haitsma, Nicolaas Hofmeyr, David Kihima, Gray Kotze, Ibrahim Muthadir, Adebayo Okeowo, Joseh Ssozi, François Verster, Luke Younge (C) 

Editing: François Verster, Khalid Shamis, Peter Neal 

Producers: STEPS (François Verster y Bérénice Hahn)


Every year, over a hundred of the most talented law students from across the African continent gather in a different capital city to compete at the prestigious African Human Rights Moot Competition, the largest mock court competition in Africa. AFRICAN MOOT follows four student teams as they spend months preparing in their home countries for a case dealing with refugee rights, and then travel to Botswana to converge for one intense week of legal oratory, debate, adventure, bonding and high emotion.  

AFRICAN MOOT uses the surface device of the popular competition documentary genre to ask deeper questions about refugee rights, freedom of movement, African identity and the possibility of hope for the future – while also showing how committed youth are trying to shape the future of the continent on which they live.