Abou Sene


Abou Sene is an activist in defense of artisanal fishing in Gambia and against corruption, reason why he has been threatened by the government of his country. Since his arrival in Tenerife (Spain) on a raft in November 2020, he has not stopped the work started in Africa and has been a speaker in diverse events to raise awareness about the rights of migrants and overfishing in the countries of origin. In an interview in the Spanish newspaper El Salto Abou says: “I would like Stolen Fish to get into the right hands and improve the situation in Gambia”.


My name is ABOU SENE. I am 31 years old. I am Gambian but I am currently living in Spain, in Seville. I was born and raised in Gambia. I went to school until high school, which I left to dedicate myself to what I love the most, which is to be a fisherman. I am also an activist who fights against the exploitation of Chinese fishing boats and fish factories.